Cabin Rentals

Our colony of cabins accommodate from 1 to 7 persons in 1 to 3 room arrangements. They are rented on a weekly basis (Sunday - Sunday) during peak season or daily on a “walk-in or call-a-day-ahead” basis. All cabins include a private bathroom, deck or patio with outdoor furniture and a barbecue grille. Most are set up for housekeeping with cooking utensils, dishes and linens supplied. The cabins are not heated or air conditioned. Sorry, but local health ordinances do not permit pets in the cabins.

  • Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Outside
  • Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Side View
  • Sippewissett Campground & Cabins with deck

Our Cabin Amenities Include:

  • A choice of 11 unique cabin rental units
  • Free Internet access is available in the campground office and Wi-Fi available in most areas
  • Rental Shack with Bikes, Beach items, BBQ supplies and Camping Gear
  • Nearby warm water beach (avg. 72°)
  • Children’s playground
  • Camp store, laundromat & TV/game room
  • 24-hour gate-controlled security
  • Free shuttle trip to the ferry and the beach once daily
  • Well-stocked information display
  • 2017 Prime Season

  • June 25 - September 3
  • Cabins rented from Sunday - Sunday during Prime Season.
  • 2017 Off Season

  • May 15 - June 24 and September 4 - October 15
  • The cabins are not heated or air conditioned. Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the cabins.
Birdhouse Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 5 $530.00 $315.00
 Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Birdhouse

Our unique Birdhouse sleeps a family of 5. This is a rustic rental so there is no electricity and no cooking or bathroom facilities inside the birdhouse. Clean comfort stations are located nearby. There is a picnic table and fire ring for your use. Please bring your own towels, sleeping bags, pillows, chairs, etc.

 Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Birdhouse
Cabin 1 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 7 $1,150.00 $650.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 1

Two bedrooms (queen and twin in one room, 2 double beds in other room) plus combination kitchen / living room. Bathroom with hot water shower. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 1
Cabin 2 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 5 $1,150.00 $650.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 2

Two bedrooms (queen bed in one room, double and twin in other room) plus combination kitchen / living room. Bathroom with hot water shower. Outside patio.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 2
Cabin 6 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 4 $1,100.00 $630.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 6

Two bedrooms (queen bed in one room, 2 twins in other) plus combination kitchen / living room. Bathroom with hot water shower. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 6
Cabin 12 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 4 $940.00 $535.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 12

One room studio with queen bed and 2 single sofa beds. Full kitchen, bathroom with hot water shower and tub. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 12
Cabin 11 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 4 $940.00 $535.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 11

One room studio with queen bed and double sofa bed. Full kitchen, bathroom with hot water shower and tub. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 11
Cabin 10 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 3 $800.00 $460.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 10

One room with kitchenette (no oven), queen bed and single sleep sofa. Bathroom with hot water shower. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 10
Cabin 3 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 3 $770.00 $450.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 3

One room with a double bed and single sleep sofa. Small fridge and microwave. Bathroom with hot water shower. Outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 3
Cabin 4 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 2 $770.00 $450.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 4

One room with a queen bed. Small fridge, microwave and kitchen sink. Bathroom with hot water shower. Outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 4
Cabin 13 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 3 $630.00 $365.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 13

One room “camping cabin” with a double bed and chair bed. Small fridge and microwave. Cold water sink and toilet. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 13
Cabin 14 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 3 $630.00 $365.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 14

One room “camping cabin” with a double bed and chair bed. Refrigerator and microwave. Cold water sink and toilet. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 14
Cabin 15 Prime Season Off Season
Sleeps 3 $630.00 $365.00
Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 15

One room “camping cabin” with a queen sized bed and a roll-away bed. Refrigerator and microwave. Cold water sink and toilet. Large outside deck.

Sippewissett Campground & Cabins Cabin 15

Please Note: All cabin rates are subject to a 9.7% room occupancy tax. See our online reservation request form for further information regarding reservations and cancellation policies. Rates subject to change without notice.

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Cabin Rental Reservation Request
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We accept Visa, MasterCard,  & Discover

Reservation Policies:

You are encouraged to use the following on-line form in order to request a reservation at Sippewissett Campground & Cabins. Please bear in mind that, due to the limited supply of available sites and the strong demand during our peak season, this form is strictly a reservation request. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within 24 hours. If space is unavailable, we will e-mail you our regrets. If space is available, we will send you a tentative confirmation, with a link to a secure site where you can enter your credit card information to cover the necessary reservation deposit or a mailing address to send a check for deposit. For this reason, it is necessary for you to include a valid e-mail address with all reservation requests, and it will be your responsibility to check your e-mail in a timely manner. If you fail to submit your credit card information within 48 hours of the time when your tentative confirmation has been sent, your initial reservation request shall be considered null and void.

Please remember that you do not have a reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit has been processed and authorized. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately, please call us at (508) 548-2542. Personal checks will be accepted for advance reservation deposits only.

Check-in time: 3:00 PM / Check-out time: 11:00 AM

Deposits: Cabin reservations require a deposit of 50% at the time of reservation. The balance is due 60 days prior to your date of arrival. We will accept personal checks for these deposits. Since Sippewissett is a gated campground, we require a $10 cash only deposit on arrival for a gate card. The deposit is refunded when the card is returned.

Cancellations & Refunds: We view a reservation as a “two-way” agreement. We agree to hold the cabin which you have reserved, turning away all further requests, in return for your payment. We will refund payments on reservations canceled at least 60 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. We will refund 50% of your payment canceled at least 30 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. A processing fee of $35 will be assessed on all cabin cancellations. No deposits will be refunded for reservations canceled less than 30 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival.

Weather: We have no control over inclement weather. All rental commitments must be honored regardless of the weather conditions.

Please indicate your first and second cabin choices from our list:
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