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Campsites & Tipis

At Sippewissett, you’ll find a variety of campsites equipped to accommodate tents, pop-ups, trailers, vans and recreational vehicles up to 36' in length. The campsites and tipis are nestled in a natural, wooded Cape Cod setting with abundant shade trees. Gentle slopes tastefully enhance the peace and privacy of your stay. Sparkling clean comfort stations are equipped with non-metered hot showers. Enjoy the nostalgic ambiance of cooking over your very own campfire. We also have seasonal campsites currently available. If you enjoy camping with us, why not make Sippewissett your campground of choice throughout the season? Sorry, no dogs allowed during prime season.

• 100 sites for all types of camping equipment • Water & Electric (20 & 30 amp) hook-ups available •
• Free Internet access is available in the campground office and Wi-Fi available in most areas •
• 11 Cabin rentals • Tipi rentals • Seasonal sites available •
• Rental Shack with Bikes, Beach items, BBQ supplies and Camping Gear •
• Non-metered hot showers & flush toilets • Picnic table & fire pit at each site • Wood & charcoal cookouts allowed •
• Nearby warm water beaches (avg. 72°) • Well-stocked information display • Children’s playground •
• Camp store, laundromat & TV/game room • Dumping station • 24-hour gate-controlled security •
• Free daily shuttle trip to the ferry and the beach •

Cape Cod Camping at Sippewissett Campground and Cabins ... the closest camping to the Martha's Vineyard ferries.
2015 Prime Season
Memorial Day Weekend and June 14 - September 6
Sorry, no dogs allowed between May 22 - September 7.
Cape Cod Camping at Sippewissett Campground and Cabins ... the closest camping to the Martha's Vineyard ferries.

# of Adults No Hookups Water & Electric Tipis
Daily Rates
1 Adult $37.00 $40.00 $72.00
2 Adults $47.00 $52.00 $72.00
3 Adults $57.00 $62.00 $72.00
4 Adults $67.00 $72.00 $72.00
Note: $10.00 per person per day for each additional adult.
Special Daily Family Rate
(includes 1 or 2 parents and their children under age 18)
1 or 2 Parents $52.00 $57.00 $72.00
Weekly Rates
1 Adult $245.00 $266.00 $435.00
2 Adults $315.00 $350.00 $435.00
3 Adults $385.00 $420.00 $435.00
4 Adults $455.00 $490.00 $435.00
Note: $10.00 per person per day for each additional adult.
Special Weekly Family Rate
(includes 1 or 2 parents and their children under age 18)
1 or 2 Parents $350.00 $385.00 $435.00
Monthly Rates Available - Call for rates.

Please Note: See our online reservation request form for further information regarding reservations and cancellation policies. Rates subject to change without notice.

Cape Cod Camping at Sippewissett Campground and Cabins ... the closest camping to the Martha's Vineyard ferries.
2015 Off Season
May 15 - June 13 (excluding Memorial Day Weekend) and September 7 - October 15th
(Dogs allowed in the campsites before Memorial Day Weekend and after Labor Day.)
Cape Cod Camping at Sippewissett Campground and Cabins ... the closest camping to the Martha's Vineyard ferries.

# of Adults No Hookups Water & Electric Tipis
Daily Rates
1 Adult $29.00 $32.00 $52.00
2 Adults $37.00 $40.00 $52.00
3 Adults $45.00 $48.00 $52.00
4 Adults $53.00 $56.00 $52.00

Note: $8.00 per person per day for each additional adult.

Special Daily Family Rate
(no charge for children under 18)
1 or 2 Parents $37.00 $40.00 $52.00
Weekly Rates
1 Adult $189.00 $210.00 $290.00
2 Adults $245.00 $266.00 $290.00
3 Adults $301.00 $322.00 $290.00
4 Adults $357.00 $378.00 $290.00
Note: $8.00 per person per day for each additional adult.
Special Weekly Family Rate
(no charge for children under 18)
1 or 2 Parents $245.00 $266.00 $290.00
Monthly Rates Available - Call for rates.

Please Note: See our online reservation request form for further information regarding reservations and cancellation policies. Rates subject to change without notice.

2015 Season Seasonal Sites Starting at $4,250.00

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for more information.

Make your reservations today, using the online reservation request form below.

Camping fun at Sippewissett Campground & Cabins

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Campsites & Tipis Reservation Request
Important: It appears that you are accessing this form from an unofficial third-party source. Submissions originating from such sources will not be accepted. Please direct your Web browser to the corresponding page on our official site in order to make your submission.
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We accept Visa, MasterCard,  & Discover

Reservation Policies:

You are encouraged to use the following on-line form in order to request a reservation at Sippewissett Campground & Cabins. Please bear in mind that, due to the limited supply of available sites and the strong demand during our peak season, this form is strictly a reservation request. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within 24 hours. If space is unavailable, we will e-mail you our regrets. If space is available, we will send you a tentative confirmation, with a link to a secure site where you can enter your credit card information to cover the necessary reservation deposit or a mailing address to send a check for deposit. For this reason, it is necessary for you to include a valid e-mail address with all reservation requests, and it will be your responsibility to check your e-mail in a timely manner. If you fail to submit your credit card information within 48 hours of the time when your tentative confirmation has been sent, your initial reservation request shall be considered null and void.

Please remember that you do not have a reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit has been processed and authorized. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately, please call us at (508) 548-2542. Personal checks will be accepted for advance reservation deposits only.

For reservations of multiple sites, please submit a separate reservation form with the name and address for each site. There is a request box on the form to mention that this is a group reservation.

Our sites can accommodate 1 family, 1 large tent or 2 small tents and 1 motor vehicle. Our “plus” sites can accommodate 2 tents and 2 motor vehicles. If you bring extra equipment, you may need to reserve another site. Campers must be at least 21 years old unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. Hot showers are always free and campfires are allowed until midnight. Quiet hours are from 10:00PM - 8:00AM.

Check-in time: 1:00 PM / Check-out time: 11:00 AM

Deposits: Camping reservations require a $35 deposit at the time of reservation. The balance is due upon arrival. We will accept personal checks for this deposit. Tipi reservations require a deposit of 50% at the time of reservation. The balance is due 30 days prior to your date of arrival. We will accept personal checks for these deposits. Since Sippewissett is a gated campground, we require a $10 cash only deposit on arrival for a gate card. The deposit is refunded when the card is returned.

Cancellations & Refunds: We view a reservation as a “two-way” agreement. We agree to hold the space which you have reserved, turning away all further requests, in return for your payment. A processing fee of $35 for camping and $35 for tipis will be assessed on all cancellations. No money will be refunded for tipi reservations canceled less than 21 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival.

Weather: We have no control over inclement weather. All commitments must be honored regardless of the weather conditions.

(Limit 1 car per site; 2 cars per Plus site.)
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Sippewissett Campground & Cabins, 836 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540 • (508) 548-2542

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